“Zart am limit” on zdfneo: pop cultural mau-mau

With the words "I am the summer hole," Laura Karasek hosted the first episode of her new talk show. She was to be proven right.

Instead of a fresh literary quartet, Karasek played pop-cultural Mau-Mau Photo: dpa

It was in the last editions of "Neo Magazin Royal" that Jan Bohmermann proved once again that he is a really good talk show host. Before the summer break, Bohmermann talked wittily, casually and authoritatively with the old destroyer Rezo or track and field athlete Gina Luckenkemper.

So when Laura Karasek was presented as Bohmermann’s vacation replacement, one could hope that it would continue with bite-sized interviews. For six episodes she wants to palaver about young adulthood between Insta-Feed and Kitaplatzvergabe. Guests at the premiere: comedian Tahnee, actor Denis Moschitto and face tattoo artist MC Bogy.

The recording takes place in a lounge in Frankfurt am Main, where everything is purple for some reason: furniture, lighting design, inserts. Greeting Karasek: "It’s temperatures over 40, I’m just under 40," she intones from the counter. Because people often tell her that she’s "not as cheap as she looks," today it’s all about cliches. It’s great that Tahnee, a comedienne who works with Mario Barth or Dieter Nuhr, is a guest.

Instead, it’s about being a lesbian and how well-known images (short hair, aggro) wouldn’t be true at all. They also agree that as a feminist you can trim your leg hair if you want to. Good to know. After fifteen minutes, things get exciting: "Bogy, have you ever done anything for feminism?" Karasek asks the rapper MC Bogy, who has a criminal record and, according to Vice, is a "genuine Atze. Bogy, cosmopolitan: "It’s obvious that you don’t reduce a woman to her gender."

More like "Riverboat"

In his videos, of course, just as many asses shake as anywhere else, in his song lyrics the same sexist bawling is marketed. Karasek knows this, now interrogatively quotes old rap lines about jerking off in best Alice-Schwarzer-King eargasm manner. Bogy doesn’t get involved in the PC talk, explains everything with Berlin snark and "that’s just the way it was."

In general, this guy, how he hangs there on quarter-before-half-mast in the armchair, mumbles more than he talks and incoherently gives stoner jokes in the round: "CBD smoking is like licking his sister, tastes right, but is wrong." And at ZDF, you wish Bohmi would come back and instigate the next national crisis.

One can feel a little sorry for the very thoughtful (and whole sentence forming!) Denis Moschitto. The actor (among others. for Fatih Akin or alongside Anke Engelke in "Die Sendung mit dem Elefanten") is fed up with cliche immigrants in German cinema: There are always dates lying around in Turkish living rooms in movies. But he also knows: "We children of migrants simply have to make films ourselves in order to do better." Interjection Bogy: "Boah, I have to watch Chiko too, everyone raves about it."

Thursday, July 11, 2019, 10:15 p.m., ZDFneo (8:15 p.m. ZDF-Mediathek).

It’s not as if public television hasn’t tried out strong, innovative talk formats: "Roche und Bohmermann" on ZDF, "Die Geschichte eines Abends" on NDR or "Durch die Nacht mit…" on Arte. The debut episode of Karasek’s new show is more like pop-cultural Mau-Mau, where one would have liked to see a fresh literary quartet. Not boring by any means, but overall a "riverboat" in which Moschitto is asked to answer questions like "Lahmacun or lasagna?" Closing Bogy: "Quitting coke is easy, I’ve done it a thousand times."