Platini loses support: uefa searches for replacement candidate

European officials express their confidence in the suspended Michel Platini – and start looking for a successor.

It’s not looking so good for Michel Platini. Photo: ap

In the FIFA corruption scandal surrounding the suspended association heads Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini, trend-setting days are ahead. After the unanimously sold but controversial declaration of loyalty of the European representatives to their suspended president Platini, the meeting of the executive of the soccer world federation is now eagerly awaited next Tuesday in Zurich.

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Column the one question: the macron spirit

The FDP would be a super opposition party, we could continue to find Christian Lindner stupid. But isn’t it a blessing that he has to govern?

Close to power: FDP man Christian Lindner during the Jamaica exploratory talks alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel Photo: dpa

"What a jerk," said the super woman on the sofa next to me when she saw Christian Lindner on a talk show. Of course, I protect her anonymity, but you can reveal that the FDP leader had not said anything yet. Was not necessary. It burst out of her "naturally" and thus needed no further justification.

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Controls of anti-nazi demonstrators: cyclists in a police kettle

Before the neo-Nazi demonstration in Spandau, police apparently harassed counter-demonstrators for no reason – only to escort them to the protest later.

There are also said to be Nazis who openly eat kebabs. Understand that, who wants… Photo: dpa

Already far from the neo-Nazi march in Spandau, police surrounded a group of nearly 40 cyclists for two hours in Charlottenburg on Saturday morning. The cyclists were in a parade on Otto-Suhr-Allee in the direction of Spandau to demonstrate against the neo-Nazis. As a taz editor reported, the group had first passed an election campaign stand of the AfD. There, there had just been a loud argument with a cyclist, who was then beaten by one of the AfDers.

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“Zart am limit” on zdfneo: pop cultural mau-mau

With the words "I am the summer hole," Laura Karasek hosted the first episode of her new talk show. She was to be proven right.

Instead of a fresh literary quartet, Karasek played pop-cultural Mau-Mau Photo: dpa

It was in the last editions of "Neo Magazin Royal" that Jan Bohmermann proved once again that he is a really good talk show host. Before the summer break, Bohmermann talked wittily, casually and authoritatively with the old destroyer Rezo or track and field athlete Gina Luckenkemper.

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Column the war reporter: party for the month of death november

Who wants to cooperate with a company that can’t manage to keep business magazines economically viable?

No dictatorship and nothing with ice cream, but happy to travel in style. Image: dpa

I’m doing something wrong – I’m exhausted. Normally, traveling from one place to another is a lottery for us journalists. But I seem to have a flaw in the system. Which is probably because I’m traveling as a press aunt, but not on a press trip. I’ll have to work on that. And I’ll have to swap the German slow train for the Orient Express and the Elbe ferry for a luxury cruise liner. Just like my colleagues with the great salary.

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Problems in science journalism: in media harmony

The "Science Media Center" is intended to help journalists better prepare their work. But the service could have questionable side effects.

What is being brewed here? Very few people understand science, which makes informed reporting all the more important Photo: reuters

It is a worthy goal to promote science journalism. Practical suggestions are offered, for example, by the "Media Doctor" project, based at the Institute of Journalism at TU Dortmund University. It offers many practical tips, including a catalog of criteria for serious reporting on topics from the broad field of medicine.

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