Rohingya refugees in bangladesh: even those who help need help

The many Rohingya from Burma are positively welcomed in their poor host country. But the local population is overwhelmed in the long term.

"We can feed 160 million people, so we can feed 700,000 Rohingya refugees," says Bangladesh’s prime minister Photo: dpa

By now, there are likely more Burmese Rohingya in the border area than local Bangladeshis. In the last two weeks, a good third of all Rohingya from Burma (Myanmar) have fled to the neighboring country. The minority is seeking protection from a brutal military offensive against so-called terrorists.

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Smart living: quite transparent

Industry and retail are delighted about the increasing networking of household appliances. But users are becoming more transparent than ever before.

Is this kitchen completely networked? Photo: Cluus /

Marco Maas has recently started talking to a black column that sits on his living room shelf. "Alexa," he then says, for example, "livingroom light 50." A few seconds later, the lamps in the living room dim their brightness by half. Magic? More like the Internet of Things in the form of an almost completely networked home.

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Sociologist on the afd east election campaign: system collapse has influenced

The AfD presents itself as a new civil rights movement and compares the Federal Republic with the GDR. Where does that come from? David Begrich attempts an explanation.

Bjorn Hocke tries to trigger voters by talking about a "Wende 2.0" Photo: dpa

taz am wochenende: Mr. Begrich, if you drive through Brandenburg at the moment, you constantly come across slogans like "Complete the turnaround," "The Peaceful Revolution with the ballot," or "We are the people" – all three election posters of the AfD. What’s going on there?

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Penalties for corporations: jail for corporations, too, if you please

The SPD once called for corporate criminal law to punish criminal business practices. Now it provides the minister of justice. But he is hesitant.

HSBC aided and abetted tax evasion and money laundering, but cannot be punished for it. Picture: ap

Just one example: the Swiss scandal bank HSBC has systematically aided and abetted tax evasion and money laundering. But it cannot be punished for it, at most fined. Now the Association of German Criminal Investigators is demanding that such institutions must be able to be dissolved. In doing so, it is tying in with the debate on corporate criminal law, which is making little headway in Germany.

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Theatertreffen berlin: suddenly everything is in question

The relevance of theater came under particular scrutiny last season. A Theatertreffen juror tells us about this.

The jury of the 2016 Theatertreffen: from left Peter Laudenbach, Barbara Burckhardt, Stephan Reuter, Wolfgang Huber-Lang, Andreas Wilink, Till Briegleb and Bernd Noack Photo: Iko Freese/drama berlin

The same procedure as every year? No! Any jury that can say "no" out loud to this question, because it hasn’t stopped at the usual suspects, can actually be proud of itself. That’s the way it is for the 2016 Theatertreffen: because more than half of the ten "remarkable productions" invited to Berlin this time, to the Theatertreffen starting on May 6, are by directors who are taking part for the first time.

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Wealth in germany shrinks: not as rich as thought, though

Despite the boom in real estate prices, the value of houses is falling in many regions. Investments often fail to keep pace with inflation.

A property is only worthwhile as an investment if it is located in an attractive region. Whether that is the case with this house in Monchhagen near Rostock is uncertain. Photo: dpa

The real net wealth of private households in Germany fell by 15 percent between 20. This is the conclusion of a study by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin, which examines the development of wealth taking inflation into account.

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Presidential election in moldova: prorussian candidate wins

After counting more than 90 percent of the votes, Igor Dodon declares himself the winner. The official result is expected in the morning.

Igor Dodon, presumed next president of Moldova Photo: dpa

The former Soviet republic of Moldova is on the verge of a political change of course: The winner of Sunday’s presidential election is socialist Igor Dodon, who wants to abandon his country’s turn toward the EU and tie Moldova more closely to Russia again. After counting almost all votes, he was clearly ahead of his EU-friendly opponent Maia Sandu, who came in at 44.7 percent, with 55.3 percent.

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Overview of corona in germany: bavaria gets serious.

Rising infection figures, the return of old rules and Spahn’s new testing strategy: an overview of the Corona situation on Tuesday.

Bavaria will also have an alcohol ban in the future Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa

In municipalities in Bavaria particularly affected by the Corona pandemic, not only will masks be compulsory in heavily frequented public places in the future, but alcohol will also be banned. That decided the Bavarian cabinet on Tuesday in Munich as a reaction to the partly again strongly rising infection numbers in the Land.

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Presidential election in liberia: weah’s christmas election victory

According to initial results of the runoff election in Liberia, former soccer star George Weah will be the new president. Official figures are still pending.

Waiting for election results in front of Weah election poster: Monrovia, December 27 Photo: reuters

Twelve years after his first unsuccessful attempt, former world footballer George Weah is by all accounts set to become Liberia’s next president. Local media proclaimed the 51-year-old the clear winner Wednesday after he came out ahead in 13 of the country’s 15 provinces in the Dec. 26 runoff vote count. The electoral commission planned to release initial results later in the day; radio stations, meanwhile, confirmed Weah’s victory, citing the unpublished figures.

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Renate krobner is dead: is without breakfast

The actress Renate Krobner became famous in the role of "Solo Sunny". Now she has died at the age of 75.

Renate Krobner in September 2011 Photo: Patrick Seeger/dpa/picture alliance

The guy lolls in bed, great night with the little one, can now go on a bit more. But she says, "Is without breakfast." He begins to grumble, in this kind of dandyish bravado, from which some men believe to get her around after all. But Sunny can’t be persuaded, so she squeaks out a "It’s without discussion, too".

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