Npd fails before karlsruhe judges: removal of posters in court

The Federal Constitutional Court rejects an emergency application by the NPD in a consequential ruling. The party Der Dritte Weg also remains unsuccessful in Karlsruhe.

In front it looks with some parties also not better photo: dpa

The far-right parties NPD and Der Dritte Weg have failed before the Federal Constitutional Court with urgent applications against the removal of election posters. As the court in Karlsruhe announced on Saturday, the NPD wanted to obtain an interim injunction to have three posters removed by the Saxon city of Zittau for the European elections put back up. The party Der Dritte Weg demanded this for removed election posters in Chemnitz, Saxony. (Case no. 1BvQ 45//19)

The Federal Constitutional Court justified the decision made on Friday in the case of the NPD with a weighing of consequences – the constitutional assessment of the posters was not decided in the summary proceedings. The disadvantage for the party was small in view of the "small number of posters taken down," the court explained. Therefore, the emergency application had been rejected. Specifically, it was about posters with the lettering "Migration kills!" and the small headline "Stop the invasion".

The city of Zittau had taken down the NPD posters on the grounds that they fulfilled the criminal offense of incitement of the people and were a danger to public safety. The Administrative Court of Dresden followed this opinion. On Thursday, the Saxon Higher Administrative Court in Bautzen also ruled that the posters were inciting hatred, rejecting an appeal by the NPD.

Specifically, it was about posters with the writing "Migration kills!" and the small headline "Stop the invasion".

The Federal Constitutional Court now emphasized that, in its view, "there are doubts about the viability of the administrative law decisions." The main proceedings, which may still be pending, are open here.

The case of the party Der Dritte Weg concerned posters with the inscription "Multikulti totet" (Multiculturalism kills), which had been taken down by the city of Chemnitz. Here, the Karlsruhe court rejected the emergency application on formal grounds. The party’s application did not meet the requirements for justification of an emergency application, it said.