Diabetes symptoms in elderly women – 5 signs you should be aware of

Are you experiencing some of the typical diabetes symptoms in elderly women? Many women are diagnosed with diabetes once they become over fifty years old. They may have had diabetes for years but it never went away and now they are facing the dreaded diagnosis. If you are an older woman, you can learn to recognize some of these symptoms. Here are a few.

diabetes symptoms in elderly women

Headaches – Some women experience chronic severe headaches which may be constant or intermittent. Other women may only have migraines once or twice a month. This is one of the first diabetes symptoms in elderly women because migraine headaches usually indicate diabetes. Women who also have menstrual cycles may also experience this symptom.

Mood Swings – Sometimes anger or hostility can set in and cause a change in mood. It can be very random and just happen at any given moment. Some women will have an outburst of rage right when they least expect it. They will suddenly be very angry about things that have nothing to do with them. They will also become extremely upset or violent for no apparent reason at all. They may even fall to a crying phase.

Low Blood Pressure – Another common sign is low blood pressure. Women usually have higher blood pressure than men. It ranges from one night to several weeks. It can cause fainting, dizziness, confusion and weak muscles.

Nausea – Some women will have constant or intermittent nausea. They may be sick just by the thought of food or going to the bathroom. They may be very upset about having to use the bathroom. They may also have a constant sensitivity to odors.

Older women are more likely to develop diabetic symptoms than younger women. But it doesn’t mean that they will get diabetes right on the first try. There are many other lifestyle and dietary changes that need to be made for the diabetic woman to keep the disease under control. She has to take into consideration that she is aging but that she has many more options now to keep her body healthy.

Mood Swings – Being irritable is another common symptom. The older you become, the more irritable and cranky you tend to become. You can also experience bouts of depression. Just remember that you’re still young at heart.

Depression – It’s not uncommon to have major depression episodes. There are also some women who get so depressed over having diabetes that they go into shock. These symptoms are a sign that you really have a problem. You need to seek help.

Some of these signs might seem like they are just part of growing older. But there are major changes in the body when you have diabetes. You need to watch for these signs. It will be a good idea to ask for a health professional’s advice regarding the various symptoms that you might experience as you age. This way, you can be prepared for them.

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