Controls of anti-nazi demonstrators: cyclists in a police kettle

Before the neo-Nazi demonstration in Spandau, police apparently harassed counter-demonstrators for no reason – only to escort them to the protest later.

There are also said to be Nazis who openly eat kebabs. Understand that, who wants… Photo: dpa

Already far from the neo-Nazi march in Spandau, police surrounded a group of nearly 40 cyclists for two hours in Charlottenburg on Saturday morning. The cyclists were in a parade on Otto-Suhr-Allee in the direction of Spandau to demonstrate against the neo-Nazis. As a taz editor reported, the group had first passed an election campaign stand of the AfD. There, there had just been a loud argument with a cyclist, who was then beaten by one of the AfDers.

The situation escalated. Some participants of the corso drove off the road onto the sidewalk, the election booth was knocked over and at least one AfDler beat the people on the sidewalk with the poles of the booth.

The cyclists, who then continued, were stopped by the police after a few hundred meters, initially with the accusation that there had been criminal acts from the group, such as bodily harm and breach of the peace. An AfDler, who was led as a witness by the encircled cyclists, however, recognized only one man, who had also intervened in a de-escalating manner.

Ever new accusations

Thereupon, the police accused the group of being an unregistered assembly, since people with yellow vests and an antifa flag were riding in front and behind. Objections that cyclists riding in a group must be clearly marked according to road traffic regulations were not accepted by the police. Only after all cyclists had been searched and their personal details taken were they allowed to continue. With their flags rolled up, the police not only accepted them as a "closed group" after all, but even escorted them to Spandau – to one of the counter-rallies.

Around 900 neo-Nazis wanted to commemorate Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess in Spandau, who committed suicide in the war crimes prison 30 years ago. Already after a few hundred meters, the neo-Nazi demonstration came to a halt due to blockades along the planned route. Without having reached their goal, the right-wingers had to make their way home after a good five hours. (taz)