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Smart living: quite transparent

Industry and retail are delighted about the increasing networking of household appliances. But users are becoming more transparent than ever before.

Is this kitchen completely networked? Photo: Cluus /

Marco Maas has recently started talking to a black column that sits on his living room shelf. "Alexa," he then says, for example, "livingroom light 50." A few seconds later, the lamps in the living room dim their brightness by half. Magic? More like the Internet of Things in the form of an almost completely networked home.

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Sociologist on the afd east election campaign: system collapse has influenced

The AfD presents itself as a new civil rights movement and compares the Federal Republic with the GDR. Where does that come from? David Begrich attempts an explanation.

Bjorn Hocke tries to trigger voters by talking about a "Wende 2.0" Photo: dpa

taz am wochenende: Mr. Begrich, if you drive through Brandenburg at the moment, you constantly come across slogans like "Complete the turnaround," "The Peaceful Revolution with the ballot," or "We are the people" – all three election posters of the AfD. What’s going on there?

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Bodywork and corona: in the face of the refrigerator.

Gymnastics began as human optimization for the nation. Today, you train for capitalism – or you just go into the kitchen and eat.

Felgaufschwung strictly forbidden. If you want to do gymnastics, you have to do it at home Photo: Camera4/imago

These are fat days, for all the people who have retreated to the home office. The way to the refrigerator is only a few meters long. The always appropriate greeting for all home workers has always been "Mahlzeit!" anyway. People and experts advise people to take care of themselves. They send pictures of themselves exercising on the living room floor to the world via social networks.

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Platini loses support: uefa searches for replacement candidate

European officials express their confidence in the suspended Michel Platini – and start looking for a successor.

It’s not looking so good for Michel Platini. Photo: ap

In the FIFA corruption scandal surrounding the suspended association heads Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini, trend-setting days are ahead. After the unanimously sold but controversial declaration of loyalty of the European representatives to their suspended president Platini, the meeting of the executive of the soccer world federation is now eagerly awaited next Tuesday in Zurich.

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