christian denominations that ordain women

The ordaining of women in the various Christian denominations is not a new phenomenon. It is a long historical process that has happened in almost all the Christian denominations and also in the mosques as well. When the bible said that women should be free and allowed to participate in the full participation of the church, it was a big step forward for women. Earlier, the Moslems used to say that a woman cannot join the mosque and yet she is allowed to have an education and join the ministry.

Islam has always been a conservative religion. Even now, the Muslims are very conservative about their women clergy. In many countries, there is a shortage of female religious leaders. A woman can only aspire to be Muslim clergy if she is married and if she is able to support herself and the family completely. This was the condition before the advent of Islam and many other religions.

But the situation has changed with the entrance of the women clergy in the Christian churches. In the early days, the pastors had to hide their faith or suffer the consequences. Today, the churches are very open to women. They allow women to be ordained, and they even have Bible studies for them. The Methodists are also now allowing women clergy and the Catholic Church is trying very hard to make changes.

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