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Waiting as a virtue: what are we waiting for?

Waiting in line is boring, annoying, unfair. We wait much less than we used to, fortunately. But something has been lost in the process.

We wait in line much less than we used to. Why are we so impatient all the same? Photo: Bernd Wustneck/dpa

Anyone looking for a scene of great emotion should look for a queue. He won’t find love, faith or hope there, but latent irritation and tension just before the explosion: Something seems to be at stake here. The degree of displeasure bears no relation whatsoever to the length of the wait. The fact that this five-minute interruption of our efficiently planned day upsets us in such a way does not cast a good light on our everyday state of mind.

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Sexual assault in u.s. Sports: female water diving coach sued

Former female athletes are pressing charges against the U.S. Women’s Water Diving Association. Officials allegedly covered up sexual abuse.

Shortly before the jump Photo: imago / Insidefoto

The US federation of water jumpers has a problem. It is charged with covering up and obstructing the investigation of sexual abuse allegations against an Ohio University federation coach. At the center of the allegations is former coach Will Bohonyi. The plaintiffs suspect structures similar to those in the U.S. Gymnastics Federation, which covered up sexual assaults involving female athletes for years. The names of the plaintiff alleged victims are not yet known.

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Red-red-green exploratory talks: this will not be a love match

Members of parliament from the three parties discuss possible alliances. There will be no recriminations, but sympathy looks different.

Red-red-green can look so nice, but does it really fit together? Photo: dpa

It was a coup entirely to Sigmar Gabriel’s taste. A soberly furnished hall in the Jakob Kaiser House in Berlin-Mitte, around 100 members of parliament from the SPD, the Greens and the Left jostle for chairs, chat and supply themselves with chocolate cookies and filter coffee. The clandestinely planned meeting is something new; it is the first time that red-red-green is being discussed in such a large group. Could a left-wing alliance replace Merkel in 2017 – and if so, how?

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New documentary on noise musicians: a way out of constraints

In the beginning was the gunshot: The film festival "Unerhort!" is streaming the documentary "My Life Is a Gunshot" about noise musician Joke Lanz.

Here almost puppy-like, otherwise rather noisy: Noise musician Joke Lanz Photo: Promo

Joke Lanz was 13 years old when his father shot himself. The boy was not directly there, but he heard the bang of the assault rifle. This event shaped Lanz, not only as a person, but also as an artist.

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Middle ages column: what had to be proven

With video evidence, soccer has become modern. As a symbol of a society that takes the game more seriously than the murderous reality.

Referee Manuel Grafe makes a gesture to video evidence after a SC Freiburg goal Photo: dpa

The most beautiful gesture a soccer referee has in his repertoire is the advantage gesture. On the website of the SWR I found it described wonderfully like this: "For the visual indication, the referee can, for example, take both arms forward while running or hold them up at an angle. He can also just call out ‘advantage’ to alert the players to his decision."

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“Zart am limit” on zdfneo: pop cultural mau-mau

With the words "I am the summer hole," Laura Karasek hosted the first episode of her new talk show. She was to be proven right.

Instead of a fresh literary quartet, Karasek played pop-cultural Mau-Mau Photo: dpa

It was in the last editions of "Neo Magazin Royal" that Jan Bohmermann proved once again that he is a really good talk show host. Before the summer break, Bohmermann talked wittily, casually and authoritatively with the old destroyer Rezo or track and field athlete Gina Luckenkemper.

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Column the war reporter: party for the month of death november

Who wants to cooperate with a company that can’t manage to keep business magazines economically viable?

No dictatorship and nothing with ice cream, but happy to travel in style. Image: dpa

I’m doing something wrong – I’m exhausted. Normally, traveling from one place to another is a lottery for us journalists. But I seem to have a flaw in the system. Which is probably because I’m traveling as a press aunt, but not on a press trip. I’ll have to work on that. And I’ll have to swap the German slow train for the Orient Express and the Elbe ferry for a luxury cruise liner. Just like my colleagues with the great salary.

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