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Waiting as a virtue: what are we waiting for?

Waiting in line is boring, annoying, unfair. We wait much less than we used to, fortunately. But something has been lost in the process.

We wait in line much less than we used to. Why are we so impatient all the same? Photo: Bernd Wustneck/dpa

Anyone looking for a scene of great emotion should look for a queue. He won’t find love, faith or hope there, but latent irritation and tension just before the explosion: Something seems to be at stake here. The degree of displeasure bears no relation whatsoever to the length of the wait. The fact that this five-minute interruption of our efficiently planned day upsets us in such a way does not cast a good light on our everyday state of mind.

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Study on the consequences of climate change: climate crisis until the doctor arrives

100 medical experts warn: Climate change is bad for health. Children are particularly affected.

Infections such as dengue, Zika or chikungunya threaten to spread in Germany as well Photo: dpa

"Exceptional summers" like 20 with their health risks for the elderly, the sick and infants could soon no longer be exceptions: Up to five additional heat waves a year in northern Germany and 30 more hot spells a year in the south are possible by 2100, predicts a study in the British journal The Lancet, if nothing changes in CO2 emissions.

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Unicef sounds the alarm: millions of babies die prematurely

Worldwide, 2.6 million children die each year before they reach their first month of life. The UN Children’s Fund is launching a campaign against this.

Malnourished children in a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen Photo: dpa

Around 2.6 million babies worldwide die in their first month of life every year. One million of them already die on the day of their birth. This is according to a report presented by the United Nations Children’s Fund, Unicef, on Tuesday morning.

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Us policy against immigrants: authorities separate parents from children

US border police are resorting to drastic measures in their fight against unauthorized immigration – even with babies.

Trespassing can lead to family separation: at the US border with Mexico in Arizona Photo: dpa

Desperate cries for help from the next room were the last thing a young mother in San Diego, California, heard from her seven-year-old daughter. Only days later did she learn that U.S. Border Patrol agents had taken her daughter to a home in Chicago, 3,300 kilometers away. Only after weeks were mother and daughter allowed to speak on the phone. The young woman’s "crime": she had fled the Democratic Republic of Congo with her child and applied for asylum in the United States.

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Overview of corona in germany: bavaria gets serious.

Rising infection figures, the return of old rules and Spahn’s new testing strategy: an overview of the Corona situation on Tuesday.

Bavaria will also have an alcohol ban in the future Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa

In municipalities in Bavaria particularly affected by the Corona pandemic, not only will masks be compulsory in heavily frequented public places in the future, but alcohol will also be banned. That decided the Bavarian cabinet on Tuesday in Munich as a reaction to the partly again strongly rising infection numbers in the Land.

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The olympics in japan and the corona virus: unclear prospects

While Tokyo Olympics organizers brush aside doubts, experts say things could get tight for the big event.

Taking precautions against viruses: Tokyoites playing rugby Photo: Kyodo/reuters

"At the moment, it would be difficult to hold the Olympics," the respected professor told an assembled press. Hitoshi Oshitani, a virologist from Tohoku University in the northern Japanese metropolis of Sendai, had come all the way to Tokyo to voice his concerns. At the Foreign Correspondents Club, a press club for foreign reporters in the Japanese capital, Oshitani presented a view that has been little heard. It did not sound like reassurance or control.

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Pesticide producer monsanto: the secret glyphosate money

Pesticide producer Monsanto claimed in the lobby register to have paid 1.5 million euros in Europe. But it was ten times as much – just for glyphosate.

People protested against Monasanto in Lyon last year Photo by Nicolas Liponne/ZUMA Press/imago.

Pesticide manufacturer Monsanto has paid much more for lobbying for the re-approval of glyphosate than it had declared in the EU transparency register. The U.S. company transferred about 14.5 million euros to PR agency FleishmanHillard for the 2016/2017 campaign, according to a report commissioned by Bayer Group, which acquired Monsanto in 2018. However, Monsanto told the official register that it spent a maximum of 1.45 million euros on all its lobbying work from September 2016 to August 2017 – the same as the year after.

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Paris tightens corona restrictions: wine only with food

The French capital Paris is now on high alert due to rising corona infections. Bars and cafes must close.

Sparsely occupied Parisian cafes – in the next few weeks, no one will sit here at all Photo: Gonzalo Fuentes/reuters

On Monday, October 5, French health authorities ordered the highest "scarlet" alert level for Paris and the closer suburban belt before the actual state of emergency.

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New abortion law in argentina: great success for women

Not only in Argentina, not only when it comes to abortion, Latin American women suffer. But they no longer put up with machismo.

Cheering in Buenos Aires after the Senate vote Photo: Flor Guzzetti/reuters

The Argentine Senate’s decision to legalize abortions and offer them for free is a huge step forward for women: No woman will have to die from an abortion anymore or fear health consequences because the procedure is done secretly and not professionally.

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