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Us policy against immigrants: authorities separate parents from children

US border police are resorting to drastic measures in their fight against unauthorized immigration – even with babies.

Trespassing can lead to family separation: at the US border with Mexico in Arizona Photo: dpa

Desperate cries for help from the next room were the last thing a young mother in San Diego, California, heard from her seven-year-old daughter. Only days later did she learn that U.S. Border Patrol agents had taken her daughter to a home in Chicago, 3,300 kilometers away. Only after weeks were mother and daughter allowed to speak on the phone. The young woman’s "crime": she had fled the Democratic Republic of Congo with her child and applied for asylum in the United States.

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Documents on the nsu shredded: verfassungsschutz celebrates carnival

On November 11, 2011, the Federal Prosecutor General began investigating the Nazi terror of the NSU. On that day, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution shredded relevant files.

Whether there is also the file confetti of the Constitutional Protection? Picture: dapd

It is an event that will further diminish confidence in the German security authorities. It became known on Thursday that a head of unit at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Cologne ordered on Nov. 11, 2011, that several files on a large-scale intelligence operation from 1997 to 2003 surrounding neo-Nazi terrorists Uwe Mundlos, Uwe Bohnhardt and Beate Zschape be destroyed.

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Sky series “penny dreadful”: nice nazis

With the spin-off "City of Angels," the series enters a new incarnation. The plot and characters don’t always do justice to the subject.

Natalie Dormer as the demon Magda Photo: showtime

John Logan could hardly have foreseen the escalating protests that are dominating the news from the U.S. these days. Unless the series creator had supernatural powers like some of the characters in his "Penny Dreadful" universe. He has now given the series, which ended after three seasons, a spin-off. "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels" is no longer set in London, but in Los Angeles, almost half a century later.

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Spy thriller “at a close distance”: paranoia in the safe house

Israeli director Eran Riklis shot large parts of his sensitive spy thriller "At Close Range" in Hamburg.

At the beginning there is mistrust: Lebanese informant Mona and her protector Photo: Gordon Timpen © NFP marketing & distribution

For a long time, Berlin was considered the agent’s nest where genre authors liked to set their spy thrillers. But the inevitable associations with the Cold War are also ballast, and so for some years now Hamburg has increasingly become a film agent city. After the John Le Carre adaptation "A Most Wanted Man," Israeli director Eran Riklis also set his film "At Close Range" in Hamburg – perhaps as a hidden homage to the grand master of the genre, because Riklis himself says of his film that it has a "touch of Le Carre."

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Sexual assault in u.s. Sports: female water diving coach sued

Former female athletes are pressing charges against the U.S. Women’s Water Diving Association. Officials allegedly covered up sexual abuse.

Shortly before the jump Photo: imago / Insidefoto

The US federation of water jumpers has a problem. It is charged with covering up and obstructing the investigation of sexual abuse allegations against an Ohio University federation coach. At the center of the allegations is former coach Will Bohonyi. The plaintiffs suspect structures similar to those in the U.S. Gymnastics Federation, which covered up sexual assaults involving female athletes for years. The names of the plaintiff alleged victims are not yet known.

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Berlin spd state executive: spd wants to become more socially responsible

How can the Berlin SPD get out of its low in the polls? The state executive board presents a program designed to ease the burden on lower and middle incomes.

State chairman Michael Muller and parliamentary group leader Raed Saleh at the closed meeting of the Berlin SPD state executive board Photo: dpa

At a closed-door meeting on Saturday, the Berlin SPD state executive committee agreed on a 10-point program that envisions relief for Berliners of around 500 million euros annually. The minimum hourly wage for public contracts is to be set at 11 euros, and a kind of Berlin bonus of 150 euros per month is to be introduced for the 110,000 or so state employees in the city. There are also plans to make things easier in the field of education; for example, free after-school care and free meals in daycare centers and schools.

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Red-red-green exploratory talks: this will not be a love match

Members of parliament from the three parties discuss possible alliances. There will be no recriminations, but sympathy looks different.

Red-red-green can look so nice, but does it really fit together? Photo: dpa

It was a coup entirely to Sigmar Gabriel’s taste. A soberly furnished hall in the Jakob Kaiser House in Berlin-Mitte, around 100 members of parliament from the SPD, the Greens and the Left jostle for chairs, chat and supply themselves with chocolate cookies and filter coffee. The clandestinely planned meeting is something new; it is the first time that red-red-green is being discussed in such a large group. Could a left-wing alliance replace Merkel in 2017 – and if so, how?

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Satire in the arab world: not a western phenomenon

The attack on "Charlie Hebdo" is condemned in the Arab media. Often enough, authors of satire there become victims of violence.

Actors of the TV program "Daulat Al-Khurafa" (Myths of the State). Picture: reuters

From Azhar University, one of the highest authorities in Sunni Islam, to Arab journalists’ associations, the attack in Paris is condemned as a criminal act. "The West is now drinking from the same glass as the Egyptians," says commentator Tamer Amin on Egyptian state television. There one feels confirmed. The Egyptian government is repeatedly accused by Europe of fighting terror with dictatorial means. Now Europe itself is feeling the terror.

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Black and queer biography: life as survival

She co-founded Black Lives Matter: Patrisse Khan-Cullors tells her personal backstory in her autobiography.

A Black Lives Matter activist at a demonstration in St. Louis Photo: reuters

The traditional family image has been an alien concept for Patrisse Khan-Cullors from a young age. She rarely gets to see her single mother because she has to work various jobs from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. to keep the broken refrigerator stocked. Khan-Cullors’ oldest brother runs the household. Father Alton rarely visits since he lost his job at General Motors and drifted into addiction.

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