Waiting as a virtue: what are we waiting for?

Waiting in line is boring, annoying, unfair. We wait much less than we used to, fortunately. But something has been lost in the process.

We wait in line much less than we used to. Why are we so impatient all the same? Photo: Bernd Wustneck/dpa

Anyone looking for a scene of great emotion should look for a queue. He won’t find love, faith or hope there, but latent irritation and tension just before the explosion: Something seems to be at stake here. The degree of displeasure bears no relation whatsoever to the length of the wait. The fact that this five-minute interruption of our efficiently planned day upsets us in such a way does not cast a good light on our everyday state of mind.

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What animals do: hide food

Squirrels have no idea where they have buried their nuts. Other animals do: for them, the search is also memory training.

Cute, but forgetful: the squirrel Photo: dpa

Recently, a silver badger in the U.S. buried a dead calf in the ground for five days. In a video posted online by the University of Utah, he can be seen doing just that. Judging his appetite correctly, the badger came to the conclusion that he had better hide the calf if he wanted to secure it as a food source for longer. At least from the vultures, which are still common in the U.S., he had thus brought "his" calf to safety.

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Artificial intelligence study: are you gay or what?

A study says a computer can tell a person’s sexual orientation from their face. Is it really that simple?

I wonder if the rainbow is also scanned? Photo: dpa

Sexual orientation is written all over a person’s face – or at least that’s what you might think if you take a cursory glance at a recent Stanford University study. In it, computers examined photos of more than 35,000 faces with the aim of finding out which of the people pictured is homosexual and which is heterosexual.

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Future of the “junge alternative”: afd youth in trouble

According to a media report, the Junge Alternative is about to be re-established. Several youth state associations are being monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

One of the state associations of the Junge Alternative has already been dissolved: Lower Saxony Photo: dpa

The AfD’s junior association, the Junge Alternative, may be on the verge of dissolution. This was reported by Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND), citing AfD federal vice president Georg Pazderski and individual members from the federal executive committee of the youth organization. According to the report, the goal of the less radical members is to dissolve the existing JA and found a new youth organization, which would then be newly recognized as such by the parent party. The state associations that threaten the party would thus be excluded.

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Study on the consequences of climate change: climate crisis until the doctor arrives

100 medical experts warn: Climate change is bad for health. Children are particularly affected.

Infections such as dengue, Zika or chikungunya threaten to spread in Germany as well Photo: dpa

"Exceptional summers" like 20 with their health risks for the elderly, the sick and infants could soon no longer be exceptions: Up to five additional heat waves a year in northern Germany and 30 more hot spells a year in the south are possible by 2100, predicts a study in the British journal The Lancet, if nothing changes in CO2 emissions.

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Unicef sounds the alarm: millions of babies die prematurely

Worldwide, 2.6 million children die each year before they reach their first month of life. The UN Children’s Fund is launching a campaign against this.

Malnourished children in a hospital in Sanaa, Yemen Photo: dpa

Around 2.6 million babies worldwide die in their first month of life every year. One million of them already die on the day of their birth. This is according to a report presented by the United Nations Children’s Fund, Unicef, on Tuesday morning.

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Environmental destruction for a new building: clear-cutting in kiel.

During construction work for a new branch of Mobel Hoffner, areas outside the building site were destroyed. The city has filed criminal charges.

It will be a long time before the Hoffner flags fly in Kiel, but there is already stress Photo: Jens Ressing/ picture alliance/ dpa

This is what it looks like when Bodo runs amok with the excavator: On the outskirts of Kiel, wide tracks are milling their way through a green area. Between the highway and the city ring road, a furniture store is being built, the construction of which is already controversial in the city. Now it has become known that large areas outside the building site are affected by the earthworks.

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Eviction of homeless people: the city should shine

The city of Hannover wants to stop aggressive begging. A homeless woman reports that she, too, is to be evicted, even though she just sits quietly on the street.

Should not be officially evicted from the city center: Homeless person. Photo: dpa

Her small change is in a transparent plastic bag that has been crumpled so many times in her pocket that it is all milky. The homeless woman gets the coins from passers-by who walk past her in downtown Hanover. Again and again, people stop for a brief chat, inquiring how the woman is doing in the wintry temperatures. She is known here because she always sits in the same place, unobtrusive, but always there. The city of Hanover actually wanted to continue to tolerate such a form of begging, even though the city council recently adopted a new security and order concept. But the woman has experienced other things.

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Us president and legitimacy of us elections: trump continues to speak of fraud

The U.S. president does not cease to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the November 3 elections. Criticism of this also comes from Germany.

Keeps sowing doubts about the election process: US President Donald Trump Photo: Evan Vucci/ap

After U.S. President Donald Trump repeatedly sowed doubt in a press conference Wednesday about whether he would accept the outcome of the Nov. 3 presidential election even if he lost, the White House is seeking clarification. "The president will accept the results of a free and fair election," presidential spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday when asked by reporters.

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